Organic Pre-Pack

Why Organic?

  • Certified Organic Farming nurtures the land and provides a sustainable ecosystem starting with the soil ensuring it is full of the required minerals and microbes for good pasture growth
  • Certified Organic ensures that there are no Hormone Growth Promotants, chemicals or other synthetic additives used in the production of the products
  • Certified Organics are just that independently certified by bodies and is Government regulated
  • Animal welfare is taken to the highest level with Certified Organic growers ensuring that livestock is maintained in low stress environments with sufficient feed and water at all times and that animals have the most natural and free environment in which to thrive.

Mondo have been involved in Certified Organic meat since 1997 and have had our internal processes certified through Demeter the whole time. Initially as a retail store since 1997 but now also since 2005 as a wholesaler as well. Mondo is certified by Demeter as a Retailer and Wholesaler we also have HACCP in place which is a federal requirement to be able to sell meat wholesale for others to resell.

Our aim is to work with local growers to help develop this market as we see a real need for people to be able to purchase meat that has been produced naturally without added hormone growth promotants and free from the effects of chemicals used in traditional farming. We support local agriculture to help develop these markets from niche small business as we also are trying to reduce the food miles that products accumulate being shipped around the country and internationally. Organically grown is best but when it needs to be transported the environmental benefits of Organic Farming can be lost.

Therefore Mondo ensure that all our Certified Organic produce is sourced locally where it is available. Presently we only source Certified Organic Chickens, Turkeys and Spatchcocks from the Eastern States as tehre is no local grower available. We purchase in full pallet lots at a time and have it transported via rail from NSW to WA which leaves the smallest carbon footprint we can achieve transporting these products to Perth.

Mondo does not just see Certified Organic produce as a commodity we embrace the system and also incorporate the principles of Organics and environmental sustainability into our business as much as possible including:

  • Mondo is developing preservative free and gluten free recipes for our full range of products and marinades not just our organic range. Providing those that do not suffer from these problems a generally healthier product and those that are affected by allergens power in the knowledge that our products are allergen free or are labelled well where they are not
  • Mondo cartons are produced from recycled material and are fully recyclable
  • We recycle all cardboard and paper at our factory
  • Mondo use Baycorp hand towels and toilet rolls which are from 100% recycled paper
  • Mondo are still researching the use of natural packaging materials such as fibre trays and biodegradable cling film. However the current trays on the market absorb blood and become soggy and ineffective at storing meat products. Not to mention very visually unappealing
  • Currently source our energy from Alinta Gas who produces our electricity from cogeneration and their wind farm
  • Looking at gas conversion of our delivery vehicles or diesel options as they become available

Not only does Mondo have a full range of Organic Meats available at our retail store in Inglewood, Mondo also provides a prepack service to many Organic Stores around WA!

Please CLICK HERE to see a list of our Certified Organic Meat stockists, cafes and restaurants sorted by suburb so that you can have access to our products closer to home if you cannot make the trip to our Main Store in Inglewood. Or if you want to dine out and are looking for Organic produce, gluten and preservative free meals or even vegetarian.

Mondo's Organic Meat Suppliers

Inglewood Farms Organic Chicken

Provides Mondo with ACO Certified Organic Chickens

Inglewood Farms is Australia’s leading producer of organic free-range chicken. We are dedicated to rearing premium quality chicken using strict certified organic farming methods. Whether you’re cooking for health or eating for pleasure, our birds are better for you. The taste and texture is superior, the meat lean and succulent. Our birds are able to forage freely on dedicated grass forage areas, living as nature intended with fresh air and sunshine.

The farm is located near Inglewood on the southern edge of the Darling Downs between Warwick and Goondiwindi. The region is supported by the expansive Coolmunda Dam and winding Macintyre Brook which attracts an abundance of native plants, wildlife and birds.

Dandaragan Organic Beef

Provides Mondo with ACO Certified Organic Beef ACO Certification Number: 6103A

For over 100 years the Cook family have produced beef cattle on their historic property ‘Noondel’ which is situated in the fertile red gum country of Dandaragan. David and Joan Cook and their children decided to convert their two properties comprising of 7,300 acres to certified organic in 2000 in order to produce a healthier product in a more environmentally sustainable manner.

Enviroganic Farm

Provides Mondo with OFC Certified Organic Chickens & Turkeys OFC Certification Number: 0428

Enviroganic farm’s founders Angus & Sonya Dowling carry on the commitment to the land that has been upheld by the Dowling family, who have been farming and caring for the environment in the pictureesque hill top region of Southern NSW since the 1840’s. There products are officially endorsed by Margaret Fulton who uses their products in all her poultry recipes.

Keninup Pty Ltd

Provides Mondo with NASAA 6087 and NASAA 6150 Certified Organic Lamb

RJ Butler

Provides Mondo with NASAA 6006 Certified Organic Lamb

Williams River Produce

Demeter Biodynamic Organic Certified

Provides Mondo with Demeter Certified Biodynamic Organic Beef, Lamb as well as olives and jams.

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