Quail is a game bird renowned for the delicacy of its taste.  There are numerous members of the quail family from Europena quail to the American quail and the Blue quail of Africa.  In the US, the names quail and partridges can be used interchangeably in certain parts of theh country.  Game Farm supplies Japanese Quail, bred in the upper Hunter Valley and grown in the beautiful Sydney basin.  Game Farm Quail is low in fat and high in iron and protein.  It’s available in a selection of cuts to save you preparatio time and hassle in the kitchen.  No mess, no fuss – just quality game meat you can use in a great range of recipes!  

Products available

  • Whole Quail Large 180-200gm Trays of six
  • Whole Quail Jumbo 200-230gm Trays of six
  • Quail Butterfly Large which is split down the back with chest bones removed 130-140gm each Trays of six
  • Quail Fillet Medallions single boneless breast approx 25gm each packet of 20
  • Quail Supremes a double breast with the drumette attached 75-85gm each in packets of 8
  • Quail Maryland Single 20gm each in packets of 20
  • Quail Maryland Double 50gm each in packets of 10
  • Quail Tulips a leg with the thigh bone removed and drumstick frenched approx 18gm each in packets of 20
  • Quail Tunnelboned all chest and backbones removed 135-145gm each
  • Quail Fully Boneless 100gm each Trays of six
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