Linley Valley Free Range Pork

Pigs in free range systems live in outdoor paddocks which allow the pigs to express natural behaviours such as rooting and foraging. The pigs bask in the mud in wallowing areas created for each paddock in the hotter summer months and nestle in the straw lined shelters to keep warm and dry in cooler weather. Pregnant female pigs are able to create a nest inside individual huts with straw bedding where they can comfortably give birth to and care for their piglets. Once big enough, the piglets are free to roam and play with other piglets in the surrounding area.

Linley Valley Pork now has farms that qualify under the APIQ accredited Free Range certification. Located in the picturesque Great Southern region of Western Australia, these farms must meet the stringent APIQ standards for space allowance and environmental care. Requirements for APIQ accredited Free Range pigs include, keeping them permanently outdoors for the entirety of their lives with access to shelter containing loose litter bedding to protect them from the elements. The pigs must also have the freedom to move around and between the paddock and shelter unrestricted. Additionally, free range piggeries must use good land management practices so as to minimize any possible environmental impacts. Look out for APIQ accredited Free Range pork next time you shop.

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