PACK – Mondo Burger Box (FRESH BURGERS)


The Mondo Burger Box has what you need for a Meal for 6 and burgers made FRESH. Your Choice of Burger Beef from Harvey Beef, Black Onyx or splash out and go for the 2GR Full Blood Wagyu. And for the Bacon lovers, you can always ADD BACON to this pack too. See Below for more details.


Make your own gourmet burgers at home.  Mondo’s Mince Patties are made from whole muscle grind and formed ready to grill.  Ensure you season well when you place them on the grill and again when flipping.


The Gourmet Burger Box includes:

6 x 170g Burgers of your selection
(Harvey Beef, Black Onyx, or 2GR Full Blood Wagyu)

6 x Il Granino Potato Milk Buns
(Come Frozen, Cut in Half and Grill on the BBQ to toast, ready for making a burger)

6 x HI-Melt Cheese Slices

For those who like their Bacon in their Burgers, you can also ADD BACON to the Pack.

This will give you:

6 x BIG Bacon Rashers

• + 1 copy of Vince’s Book “The Flesh in my Life”


Cooking times approx. 2 to 3 minutes per side and let them rest for 2 minutes covered before assembling.

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