Luxury Wagyu Pack



For those that like to spoil themselves or a meat connoisseur that they know.  This selection provides all the ammo to make your next BBQ one to remember.


This pack is valued at $570 but we are giving it away for only $450!


• 1 Wagyu Tomahawk MB5+ 1.4kg
• 1 Wagyu Brisket MB5+ 3kg
• 6 Wagyu Sirloin Steaks MB 6/7 300g each
• 10 Wagyu Teriyaki Sausages
• 10 Wagyu Burgers
• Includes a Meat Thermometer
• + 1 copy of Vince’s Book “The Flesh in my Life”


Grill to medium-rare and ensure you let the steaks rest before serving.

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