White Rocks Veal WA

In Early 1989 “White Rocks” Veal was started as a partnership between Mondo Butchers and the Partridge family.  It was named after the farm the Partridge family owned for four generations (since 1887) which features enormous white rocks embedded in the landscape.

Mondo Butchers has been processing and successfully marketing White Rocks Veal for the past 25 years.  Supplying cuts into Australia’s leading kitchens over the years with Rockpool since the beginning and still ongoing and many others such as Buon Ricordo, MG Garage, Billy Kwong, Otto’s, Pendolino, Stephanie’s, Grossi Florentino, Vue De Monde, Jacksons, Restaurant Amuse, Peruginos and many others.  Mondo is well known across Australia as highly skilled artisan butchers with a focus on being able to supply anything flesh to their customers.

Vince the Managing Director of Mondo Butchers is a larger than life butcher who has nearly 50 years of experience in the meat industry and whose close association with the Hospitality Industry has resulted in friendships with some of the most elite chefs in Australia and around the world.  Mondo di Carne was started as Vince and his family’s butcher shop in 1979 and has grown throughout the ensuing years driven by his passion.  White Rocks Veal is one of the ultimate outpourings of this passion.

White Rocks Veal are grown from the male bobby calves that are a by-product of the milk industry.  Traditionally bobby calves were destroyed or used as cheap meat as they were an unwanted part of the milking industry.

White Rocks Veal from its inception has been grown with full cream milk sourced from the mothers milk that is made available on a 24 hour basis from rubber nipples on tanks. (There is absolutely no force feeding by stealth; where calves will gorge themselves with whatever is put in front of them every 12 hours when the lights come on).  Natural Grain is made available daily from three weeks of age to provide roughage and variety in their diet.  No hormones or antibiotics are used and calves are housed in large, open barns in mobs of six to eight animals as they are social animals. White Rocks Veal is processed at between six to eight months instead of traditional veal which is processed at one to twelve weeks.

All waste from the calves is treated and recycled as natural manure for the lush green fields of the White Rocks Farm. From day one there has been an emphasis on humane growing and feeding practices to produce the highest quality of meat possible. With this philosophy we are providing Chef’s and consumers with a product that shows good colour, good texture and real flavour

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