Spatchcock is a poussin (young chicken) which has been specially prepared to make roasting or grilling easier.  Game Farm Spatchcock are bred and grown in the NSW Southern Highlands and the Sydney basin.  Their delicate flavour and texture makes them an ideal choice in a wide selection of easy to prepare recipes.  

Products available

  • Spatchcock #5 (500-600gm)
  • Spatchcock #6 (600-700gm)
  • Spatchcock Large Butterfly which is split down the back with chest bones removed.  5 per packet 400 to 480gm
  • Spatchcock BBQ Halves.  A bone in bird cut in hald with first two wing joints removed. 10 per packet approx 220 to 260gm each half.
  • Spatchcock Supremes a breast with the drumette attached.  65-85gm each in packets of 10
  • Spatchcock Maryland 100-130gm each in packets of 10
  • Spatchcock Tunnelboned all chest and bacbones removed 275-325gm each
  • Spatchcock Fully Boneless 225-275gm each
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