Dandaragan Organic Beef WA

Grassfed and grass finished organic beef

We often get inquiries about whether our cattle are grass fed and grass finished. And the answer is YES, our cattle are grass fed and grass finished all year round.

Throughout the year our cattle roam free grazing on pastures and are moved into fresh paddocks every two to four days, depending on the size of the paddock. We now have more than 25 per cent of our land under perennial grasses (summer grasses) and are planting more each year. This means that our cattle have access to green feed throughout the year, even in the hot dry summer months

From January to April we do supply a small amount of mineral supplement, which does contain grain, to offset the lower energy and protein levels in the grass at that time of the year and ensure that our cattle maintain condition during the dry months. Basically this means we place a tub of supplement in the paddock, which our cattle can choose or choose not to eat. Because our animals are grazing on grass all year round the supplement only makes up a small percentage of their overall diet.

Grassfed and grass finished cattle are not only healthier animals, they produce great tasting beef full of beneficial fatty acids and vitamins.

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