Beef City Black QLD

Beef City is JBS Australia’s veritically integrated, award winning feedlot and processing facility located on the Darling Downs in Queensland.

Beef City Black is the outcome of a minimum of 100 days on a highly nutritious ration to consistently deliver a well-marbled product known for its tenderness, juciness and flavour.

  • Minimum 120 day grain fed
  • Marble Score 1+
  • Derived from Angus cross British bred cattle
  • Processed at Swift Australia’s Beef City facility – located in the heart of Southern Queensland’s Darling Downs region

Cuts available:

  • Tenderloin / Fillet
  • Cube Roll / Scotch Fillet / Boneless Rib Eye
  • Striploin / Sirloin / Porterhouse
  • Rump
  • Rump Cap
  • Rostbiff
  • Other cuts on request
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