2GR Full Blood Wagyu Beef

2GR Australian Premium Full Blood Wagyu Beef

Traversing the family property in her youth, instilled in Gina Rinehart, her love of the land, her passion for the people who work in agriculture and the products they produce. This strong connection to outback Australia extends four generations, dating back to the 1800’s. Continuing this legacy, the next generation in her daughter Ginia, pays tribute to the family’s pioneering spirit.

Gina and Ginia’s initials in the brand represent their commitment to this enduring story. This proud heritage and passion has been at the heart of every decision in the development of the 2GR Wagyu beef program; it is the result of hard work and an artisan approach to producing the finest quality beef.

2GR Wagyu is naturally raised on the open ranges of Eastern Australia.

Known for its visually-striking marbling, as well as its rich, sweet and buttery flavour, it will honour the taste-buds of the most sophisticated beef connoisseur.

This tender delicacy is one of the most succulent meats in the world. Beef experts rank 2GR Wagyu’s richness, flavour and marbling as honouring the Japanese tradition.

2GR Wagyu is free of artificial additives, growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. Consistent breeding, only within the Wagyu family, ensures the purity of the beef, and its production is limited to maintain high standards. But the pedigree of a herd is only the starting point when raising the best Wagyu possible; surroundings, feed, animal husbandry are all vital components of a successful program.

2GR’s fully owned vertically integrated process from breeding, farming, backgrounding and feeding through to marketing ensures that best practice systems and processes are in place and constantly monitored.

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